Art is still an evolving and changing experience for me as I try more experimentation. Color and value are emphasized while trying to 'capture the light'. Painting to me is putting the feelings on canvas; creating the emotion, mood and/or temperature; interpret the soul, spirit or personality of live subjects and the textures of objects. Currently challenging myself, especially with size, texture and color; exploring the possibilities and learning more with every brush stroke.


Sunday, September 06, 2015


Welcome to my new revised blog.  I will be posting new painting creations as they are finished and notifying of shows and events.  Check out my new website just published today.  If you would like to keep informed when I make a post please enter you email, in provided slot on right side of screen, and you will be notified by email.

Currently have show at Centre 64 Gallery in Kimberley, BC, Sept 1-26, 2015.  Then a show at Pynelogs Gallery in Invermere, BC, from Sept. 29-Oct. 11, 2015.